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Building the next generation of nursing associations

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Grow your value and influence in an increasingly digital age by implementing new operating systems, marketing channels, campaigns, and strategies.


I've spent the past three years helping grow a nursing association past 10,000 members, 4x digital engagement, and generating over 3 million social impressions.

In 2022, I realized many nurse advocates in leadership positions struggled with the same problems:


  1. Implementing new technology to do more with less.

  2. Developing value pipelines that convert nurse advocates.

  3. Creating innovative on-brand messages to increase engagement and retention.

  4. Building programs that foster legacy and influence.

So I set out to build the next generation of nursing associations.

Copy of Jared Fesler Profile Picture_edi
Copy of Jared Fesler Profile Picture_edi



Association Accelerator

Learn the principles, processes, and best practices that helped me grow a nursing association. Includes audit of your association.


Monthly Coaching

Join three live calls monthly to implement new operating systems, test channels, and create mission-driven messages.


Fractional CMO

Grow your value and influence with a part-time Chief Marketing Officer leading growth strategy, communications, and technology.

Need something specific? Contract me.

The National Nursing Association Audit 2023

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What are national associations doing to grow their value and influence?

View exclusive research offering clarity on national nursing association's use of technology, operating systems, and marketing channels to drive nurse advocate engagement and policy change.

Coming Soon!


Thanks for downloading! Reach out with questions. -Jared

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Taofiki Gafar-Schaner, RN
Co-Founder of SafeSeizure

As a full-time registered-nurse and owner of a growing business, I know life really does come down to minutes. Jared came to us as a referral and delivered quickly.

His insights allowed us to see a strategic path forward, remove unnecessary bottlenecks and focus on what matters. We've since expanded operations by automating tasks that were weighting us down day-to-day and improving our sales funnel to convert more leads monthly.

Download Audit

Let's build the next generation of nursing associations, together.

Start your journey with exclusive research about national nursing associations.

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