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Building the next generation of nursing associations

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Grow your value and influence in an increasingly digital age by implementing strategies for marketing channel growth, operating systems, mission-aligned campaigns, and non-dues revenue models.

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Copy of Jared Fesler Profile Picture_edi


Over the past five years, I have achieved significant growth and engagement for a nursing association, enhancing membership numbers and digital presence substantially.

My accomplishments include doubling digital engagement annually, increasing non-member leads by 250% each year, growing a LinkedIn account to over 93,000 followers, and reducing technology expenses while increasing flexibility for future developments.

In 2022, I observed that many nurse advocates in leadership positions faced common challenges:

  • Implementing new technology to enhance efficiency.

  • Developing compelling value propositions that engage nurse advocates.

  • Crafting innovative, on-brand messages to boost engagement and retention.

  • Creating revenue-generating programs that provide value and influence.

So I set out to build the next generation of nursing associations.



The Ultimate Guide to Nursing Association Marketing

10,000+ word guide with step-by-step processes and strategies to grow a nursing association's membership, engagement, and revenue.


Strategic Marketing Hub

Your association's marketing plan and succession plan. Documented operating systems, templates, analytics, resources, and more all in one place. Forever.



Build your next-generation nursing association with my full suite of services across marketing, media & PR, website development, design, branding, and technology.

Let's build the next generation of nursing associations, together.

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